AFM License

Stroeken has a license (number 13000368) from the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) to perform statutory audits. This ensures that the audit of your financial statements meets the highest quality requirements of audit evidence and judgment.

The Dutch Audit Firms Supervision Act (WTA) is in effect since October 1, 2006. This act stipulates that it is prohibited in the Netherlands to perform statutory audits without a license from the AFM.

The license entails that our office is subject to the continuous supervision of compliance with the standards of the WTA. In supervising the compliance with the standards of the WTA, the AFM does not just evaluate the quality management systems of audit firms, but also verifies the functioning of these systems. In that context, audit files are retrieved and subjected to further inspection. This inspection especially concerns the quality of the (registration of the) audit evidence, as well as the judgment process and/or the findings of the audit and the essence of the auditors’ report.