Annual Reporting

The accounting and reporting rules are different for different companies. This is strongly influenced by the size and the industry.

For instance, listed companies in the Netherlands apply IFRS, while other Dutch companies apply the Dutch Guidelines for Annual Reporting.

Municipalities and provinces apply the Dutch Provinces and Municipalities Budgets and Accounts Decree (BBV). Non-profit organizations usually apply the Dutch Guidelines for Annual Reporting, but sometimes also specific accounting and reporting regulations prescribed by a ministry for a specific industry.

Through the companies affiliated with our network, we closely monitor the developments in annual reporting. We are frequently involved in the implementation of new regulations, which puts us in a special position towards our SME clients. A full-fledged discussion partner at the top level.

Most Dutch non-listed companies are governed by the Dutch Guidelines for Annual Reporting. The Dutch Guidelines for Annual Reporting are drafted and issued by the Dutch Council for Annual Reporting. The Guidelines are based on the prevailing statutory regulations, mainly laid down in Title 9, Book 2, of the Dutch Civil Code.

The Dutch Council for Annual Reporting issues guidelines for large and medium-sized legal entities, as well as for small legal entities.

IFRS is the international language of accounting. It is an international set of rules for the preparation of financial statements and interim financial information such as semi-annual reports. In Europe, listed companies have been required to comply with IFRS already since 2005. IFRS must be applied as the reporting standard by reporting companies in more than 100 countries.

Non-listed companies are allowed by Dutch law to prepare their financial statements in accordance with IFRS. As a result, IFRS has become an inseparable part of the system of Dutch reporting rules, also referred to as Dutch GAAP.

As an auditing and consulting organization, Stroeken has a lot of in-house knowledge of IFRS.

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