Business Management Consulting

Running a company requires many skills. You, as the entrepreneur, are driven by passion and you have the right set of skills to be successful. We have experienced that frequently checking whether existing insights are still in accordance with reality can lead to surprising results.

Are yesterday’s profitable products still profitable today, or even tomorrow…? Are my cost prices still up-to-date… does this cause me to lose orders… or do I have to invest additional funds…? These are only a few of the questions that preoccupy an entrepreneur.

We are well-equipped to answer these questions and to communicate in a straightforward manner in that regard. Looking at the issues together and encouraging each other provides an optimal result.

A few of the areas covered by our consultants are:

• Investment analysis

• Cost price analysis

• Analysis of profitability per product

• Operating capital management

• Scenario analysis

• Strategic / tactical analysis

• Business plan