Successful acquisition through passion

The client is a medium-sized SME which has already earned its spurs. It has a proven track record. Yet, it maintains an ever-alert eye on the future. The company is a manufacturer in the food industry.

An attractive candidate for an acquisition. This could result in an expansion of the product portfolio and access to new buyers. An anticipated and considerable synergy relative to the current activities.

Stroeken’s approach
Following an initial introductory meeting with the potential candidate for acquisition, the client asked StroekenRossieau to arrange the entire acquisition. A structured staged plan prepared in consultation with the client constituted the basis for the successful acquisition, in which the personal involvement was decisive.

• Detailed analysis of synergy
• Negotiations support
• Financing support
• Acquisition integration support
• Management information optimization

• Clear picture in advance provided assurance for the remainder of the process
• Acquisition structure tax optimized
• Synergy was achieved through proper preparation, strict integration, and transparent management information
• Shared passion led to success