We keep each other alert

The client is active in the clothing industry. Sales are falling short of expectations and the client is considering moving to a smaller property to reduce the monthly costs.

The negative figures must be turned into positive figures. Cost reductions must be implemented.

Stroeken’s approach
These times require a proper entrepreneurial approach. Just saving on costs is “too easy”. Based on our critical expertise, we have made a detailed review of the possibilities. What are the elements that effectively determine your business? Not just defensive, but in fact also offensive. The best defense is a good offense! That is entrepreneurship.

• In partnership with the client, performed a structured analysis of the company (SWOT analysis)
• Formulated realistic action steps, defensive as well as offensive
• Informed parties involved, including the bank

• Client did not move, current location is in fact a determinant of success
• Active policy of generating business has maintained sales at the same level
• Stringent cost control has resulted in a 12% reduction in costs over the past year